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If companies are concerned about providing the best nutrition possible, why do they make differently priced products? Is it possible that they are packaging the same food in every bag but just charging more to those who will pay it? Are they simply making foods to satisfy people’s budgets and sacrificing quality in the process? Consider the mixed messages that are being sent by companies who make differently priced products and of varying quality.


Both foods are marketed and sold as 100% nutritionally complete and balanced for the life of your pet, yet one is more expensive than the other.  What is the difference?  ProPlan is one of Purina’s more recent foods and is marketed as higher in quality.  Why hasn’t the cheaper, older formula been discontinued due to the latest scientific advancements contained in the more expensive formula?

By the way, both have similar ingredients…Corn, Wheat, Poultry By-Products, Animal Fat, Animal Digest.

VS.  Here we find two formula’s from Science Diet.  The first is their flagship maintenance food found in most veterinary offices and pet food stores.  The second is one of their later advancements called ‘Nature’s Best’. 

If you were to guess what the major difference is between the two, you would be correct in saying that one appears to be a natural formula while the other is not natural.  That being the case, which food do you feel is better in quality – Natural or Not Natural?  The answer is obvious. 

Why then do we still find the original Science Diet formula on sale everywhere when they have clearly made an advancement in technology by creating a more natural food?

By the way, both have similar ingredients…Corn, Wheat, Soy Bean, Animal Fat, Animal Digest.

In summary:  If both pet foods are of equal quality there is no need to spend money on the higher priced foods.  If both pet foods are not of the same quality, why would you ever buy from a company who knowingly makes inferior products?

-By Judy Bishop

There are a few premium pet foods available.  We use and recommend Life’s Abundance for all our dogs & cats.  We have seen first hand the difference it made in our dogs – they are healthy, beautiful coats, high energy, and our nursing mothers stay in great condition all the way through weaning.   While we understand that most people want to watch their budgets and not spend more than is necessary, we also understand that you get what you pay for.  Most people never consider that buying cheaper foods can lead to more expenses down the road with regard to vet costs, nutritionally related ailments and shortened life spans.  They may also not realize that you could easily feed twice as much of a cheaper food in an attempt to equal the nutrition found in a food like Life’s Abundance.

We believe that people who truly love their pets will feed them the very best, not what’s the cheapest.

Life’s Abundance Pet Foods – Helping pets live longer, healthier, happier lives!

-Janet Roberts


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The EPA is investigating some flea & tick products that may have caused some health problems in cats and dogs.   We live in the country where our dogs can pick up fleas and ticks most of the year.  To be honest, before we started using a spot-on tick product, I could pick 50 ticks off one of our dogs at one time – ugh!  I hate ticks!    So we do use Frontline on our labs and we have not had any problems with it.  However, I am always looking for more natural products that are effective.   We have tried garlic products in the past but became concerned when I read about garlic as a possible blood thinner.  Do you have a suggestion?  Please let me know!

Here is the EPA Alert:

Increased Scrutiny of Flea and Tick Control Products for Pets
Updated June 23, 2009

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is intensifying its evaluation of spot-on pesticide products for flea and tick control due to recent increases in the number of reported adverse reactions in pets treated with these products. Adverse reactions reported range from mild effects such as skin irritation to more serious effects such as seizures and, in some cases, death of the pet.

Flea and tick products can be appropriate treatments for protecting your pets and your family’s health because fleas and ticks can transmit disease. While many people use the products with no harm to their pets, EPA recommends that pet owners take precautions when using these products. People should carefully follow label directions and monitor their pets for any signs of an adverse reaction after application, particularly when using these products for the first time. Also, before use of these products on weak, aged, medicated, sick, pregnant or nursing pets, or on pets that have previously shown signs of sensitivity to pesticide products, EPA recommends that a veterinarian be consulted. Additional safety tips are available for taking care of fleas and ticks on your pet.

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