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Raising a litter of puppies isn’t just feeding and cleaning up after them!  It also involves lots of hands-on loving, socialization and enrichment activities (exposing the puppies to a variety of toys, places, surfaces).  We’ve been doing that with our litter of lab puppies since they were 3 days old! 

At about 5 weeks old we introduce them to crate training.  They already have a large crate without a door in their pen that they can go in and out whenever they want.  Some sleep in it, others play with their toys.   In addition, we have another small crate in the living room for individual training.  We put a couple pieces of their food and a toy in the crate, show it to them, let them walk into the crate on their own and explore.  We hold the door closed for just a minute, then let them out.  We repeat this again and again, keeping the door closed for longer periods each time.   The puppy might whine and protest at first, but they quickly get used to it.  They have never been separated from their littermates before, so this is an excellent way to show them how to relax in their own safe, cozy den by themselves.   Click here for  an article by Michele Forto of Denver Dog Works that explains some of the many good reasons to crate train your puppy. 

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