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This has happened to me a couple of times – you find a 1/2 eaten sock or shoe, or whatever.  You NEVER know what a dog might find interesting enough to eat.  That’s why I “baby-proof” my home and only give my labs safe toys, like kongs, rope toys or real beef bones.  No squeaky toys or stuffed toys without being supervised. 

Have you had any experiences like this?   What safe toys do you give your dog?  Let me know by adding a comment.

Here’s the article From Dogster.com 5/27/09:by Dr. Eric Barchas, DVM

Help! My dog, Duke, accidentally swallowed a milk ring. Should I take him to my vet?

Syracuse, IN

I field phone calls from people asking questions similar to this one every day. A receptionist or nurse will approach me and say, “Dr. Barchas, there’s a client on the phone whose dog just ate . . .”

What comes next is highly variable. The dog may have eaten a sock, or a rock, or a part of a tennis ball, or part of an aluminum can, or a piece of hardware, or a pair of underwear, or a string of Christmas lights, or a box of garbage bags–to name just a few possibilities.

Ingested foreign objects can be dangerous to pets in a few ways. First and foremost, they may get lodged in the intestines and cause an obstruction. This creates a life-threatening surgical emergency. Also, foreign objects may contain toxins that can lead to poisoning.

When a pet consumes a non-toxic foreign object such a milk ring, there are two basic choices. The animal can be brought to the vet immediately to induce vomiting or perform endoscopy, or the animal can be monitored at home for symptoms of gastrointestinal obstruction (symptoms include vomiting, lack of appetite, lethargy, tender abdomen, and sometimes diarrhea) until the object passes in the feces.

I don’t know what type of dog Duke is. However, if he is a medium or large sized dog, then the odds are high that the milk ring will pass through him without incident. Which I hope by now it has, since several days passed between when you wrote your question and when I received it. The dog who ate the string of Christmas lights passed them without incident (although I can’t imagine what they felt like coming out), so odds are high that Duke can pass a small piece of plastic.

As always, the safest course of action in these sorts of situations is to call your vet. Many factors can determine whether a foreign object passes harmlessly through the intestines or becomes lodged and requires life-saving surgery. Your vet can work with you to assess the best course of action for your pet’s unique circumstances.


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It’s been sad hearing about the thousands of good people across the country losing their jobs due the economic downturn.  But it got too close to home this week.  My sister, a computer programmer with 30 years of experience, lost her job this week due to corporate “reorganization.”   She is a couple years older than me, and honestly I don’t want to even think about starting over again at my age.  But she needs to.  Sure, she got a severance package (not nearly long enough, and the feds took 75% in taxes) and will collect unemployment.  But then what?  With hundreds of thousands of people on unemployment and looking for work, will she find another job?  That’s hard to predict.

What I do know is, by coincidence or fate (?), her husband joined our Trilogy family 2 weeks ago.   He is now his own boss with his own business (McCaslandHealthShop.com), with proven products that help people and pets live healthier lives, and a great training program so that he can jump right in and get started.   Trilogy is a 10-year old, debt-free company, whose business has actually increased in 2009.  People who are real animal lovers still want the best for their companions, and know and trust Life’s Abundance pet foods and all the Trilogy products.  I wish the very best for my sister and brother-in-law in their new business, and know they have what it takes to succeed.

If you are in the same situation, I feel your pain.   If a door was closed, maybe it’s time to open another one.   Look at your old job – were you happy?  If not, look for what truly makes you happy and go for it!   Many people have said losing their job was the best thing that happened to them -it forced them to take a risk and try something new. 

If you are an animal lover like me, and like to talking to people about their pets, maybe Trilogy is the answer for you.  We have a team that’s ready to help you succeed too! 

“Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design…” – Jim Rohn

Quitters Never Win and Winners Never Quit !


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Thanks to my friend Teresa at Holistic Pet Food Blog for the following article on safe pet foods.  I have to add – you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to quality pet food.   I didn’t know that until 5 years ago when I started researching pet food ingredients – wow, what an eye-opener!  I personally found HealthyPetNet to be right for my pets.  Here’s the article:

“If you really want the very best, the very safest foods for your pet, look for dog food and cat food that comes from USDA APHIS-certified plants.  These are high-end foods!

USDA APHIS (Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service) Registered – APHIS registry certifies that the pet food company purchases all of their meats from USDA registered suppliers who follow all USDA regulations for safe meat handling. USDA is, of course, US-sourced. It can apply to both the meat and the grains used in the pet food.

Many of these foods are only available at natural grocers or specialty pet products stores.  If you don’t have one of these stores nearby, try HealthyPetNet as they are mail order. 

Natural pet products company whose pet food is USDA APHIS certified:


==> Fresh Mix Adult Dog Food 30 lbs for $41.99 to $51.99 = $1.40 – 1.73 per lb

Eagle Pack

==> Holistic Select Chicken Meal and Rice 16.5 lbs for $28.99 + $18.25 S&H = $2.86 per lb.


==> Life’s Abundance Health Food for Dogs 20 lbs for $35.25 plus $7.75 S&H = $2.14 per pound (autoship for 20% discount, reduce S&H by shipping multiple bags)


==> 20 lbs for $36, free S&H = $1.80

Natura Pet
==> They make Innova, Evo, Mother Nature, California Natural, Healthwise, and Karma.

Precise Pet Products

==> 30 lbs for $38.99 + 18.25 S&H = $1.91

This list is incomplete, please notify me via the comments when you find a pet food that is USDA APHIS-certified.”



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