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You may have seen this story last Mother’s Day, but I just happened across it today.   You just have to watch this short news segment about a very sweet dog that nursed a litter of orphaned kittens (yes, KITTENS)!   And other inter-species mothering too.   It seems that the mothering instinct is stronger than anything else, even between predator and prey.


This reminds me of a similar experience we had once.  My husband & I raise labrador retrievers, and we had trouble with one litter when Midnight, the mother, needed emergency surgery, was in the hospital for a week & could not nurse the puppies.   It also happened to be the only time we had 2 litters at the same time.   We thought the other mother, Princess Bala, might accept the Midnight’s  puppies & nurse them too.  We were a little nervous at first but no need, Bala immediately accepted the other puppies!  We were amazed and delighted.  She nursed a total of 21 puppies until Midnight was able to take over –   she did an incredible job & saved the litter! 

Bala passed away in 2008 and we miss her every day.  But we still see her in her offspring – she was the mother of 4 of the dogs we have now, and grandmother of 1.  She had boundless energy and a happy disposition, but she was definitely the alpha of the pack!  We’ll never forget her.

Janet Makarick-Roberts


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