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Here’s a post from @romeothecat on twitter, who raises money and each month donates to a different animal rescue group.   You get to vote on which group is chosen.   What a great idea!  Please support this good cause. 

GREAT job raising money this month for Animals in Distress. The grand total will be close to $1,300 including on and off-line donations. THANK YOU!

Now it’s time to select another organization to help in April.

Please comment below with the name of the rescue organization or shelter you’d like to submit into our drawing. It needs to be a U.S. organization, an official non-profit (designated 501 C3 but most are) and has to include cats in its efforts. Make sure to leave your email address, link to your site or twitter handle so I can contact you if your organization wins!

We’ll be taking submissions through March 31 and doing our random drawing and announcing the winner on April 1.

Here’s how to increase the chances of your favorite being selected:

1. Tell your friends to come here and comment! The more submissions for your organization, the better chance you have of winning.
2. Subscribe to this blog and leave an additional comment telling me you did!
3. Tweet about this campaign and leave a comment telling me you did (with your twitter handle).
4. Blog about this on your blog! And leave a comment linking to your post.

Pugs and I are so, so, so, so excited to help another wonderful organization help more animals.

Here’s the link to vote:
Email me with questions at romeo at romeothecat dot com.


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Date: Monday, March 30, 2009
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I didn’t watch this Nightline story (I don’t watch the news, too depressing anyway).  But since I am a dog breeder (labradors), and register all my dogs and puppies with the American Kennel Club (AKC), I feel this needs to be given wide distribution.  The following is the AKC’s reponse to the Nightline story.

The American Kennel Club would like to correct

some misinformation that is

circulating within the fancy. We would

appreciate your assistance in

spreading the word about the facts on this


The AKC is aware that NIGHTLINE, which airs on

ABC, is pursuing a story on

canine health, including breeding. The AKC

welcomes all constructive

dialogue about the sport and on ways to improve

the health of dogs.

However, all indications are that the story will

not be a fair and balanced

look at the issues. With the guidance of our

advisors, the AKC declined to

participate but instead provided NIGHTLINE with

an official statement:

“The American Kennel Club is the nation’s

leading not-for-profit

organization devoted to canine health, breeding

and responsible dog

ownership. The AKC’s breeding policies and high

ethical standards have made

us the most widely respected registry in the

world. Each year, the AKC

performs approximately 5,000 kennel and breeder

inspections to ensure the

proper care and conditions of dogs and has led

the charge in regards to

advancing canine health, including founding the

AKC Canine Health

Foundation in 1995. Since that time, $22 million

has been given to more

than 500 research projects at 74 vet schools

and research institutes

worldwide to improve the health of all dogs.”

It has also come to our attention that some

individual AKC constituents

have been approached for interviews or may be

approached at dog shows. In

this event we recommend politely declining the

interview and referring

their requests to the AKC’s Communications dept

at communications@ akc.org

or 212-696-8343.

You may also direct those interested in this

topic to
http://www.akcdoghealth. com

for pertinent information.

American Kennel Club Communications

communications@ akc.org

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I Am Grateful For…

Ok, so this doesn’t have alot to do with pets, but bear with me.  I just found out that my brother-in-law collapsed today and was rushed to the hospital, and my step-dad was also taken to the hospital because he cut himself and couldn’t stop the bleeding (on blood thinner medicine).  Both are ok now, but it was an anxious day for my sister and mother.

So in the meantime, I am arguing with my husband about something trivial.  He said he was going to exercise the dogs tonight when he got home from work, but changed his mind and started working on the bathroom renovation instead.  So things did not go exactly as planned tonight and I didn’t go with the flow.  

When I heard from my mother and sister, and that my family was ok, I immediately thought – I should be so grateful that both my husband and I are in good health instead of arguing with him about nothing!   I wrote this list of things I am grateful for about a year ago.  I’m going to keep in on my desk so I can read it everyday:

I Am Grateful For

-my loving husband

-being able to see, hear, smell and feel this brand new day,

-my freedom,

-a place to live and good food to eat

-a great relationship with my mother & the rest of my family,

-the ability to go to work everyday,

-my business that challenges me to grow as a person and takes me out of my comfort zone

-good friends that care about me and that I enjoy spending time with,

-my beautiful animals – my 7 dogs, 2 horses and 1 cat that all give me unconditional love and are always there when I need them (except the cat, she does what she wants 🙂 ).  I couldn’t live without them.

What are you grateful for?    I’m interested to know, drop me a comment.

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 Here’s a link to my latest newsletter with information about Signs of Cancer in Animals.  Your pet should be seen by a veterinarian if they have any of the signs listed here.  These signs can point to several illnesses, including cancer.  The earlier a diagnosis is made, the better the options may be for treatment.  Just like humans, pets should get regular well-pet check-ups to monitor their health.

February 2009 Newsletter

Follow me on Twitter.  My username is @labsRus.  It’s fast & easy to connect with other people with Twitter.  Posts must be under 140 characters in length and can be sent via mobile texting, instant message, or the web.  CAUTION – it’s addicting!

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Hello & Welcome to my blog.  My friend Amelia suggested this, and I’ve been reading so much about wordpress.com on twitter, I decided to take the plunge.  I want to share information about pets, dog training tips, nutrition, and whatever else I come across.   Your suggestions and comments are appreciated.

I came across this article yesterday The World’s Ten Smartest Dogs by PetMD.  I can’t say I agree with labrador retrievers listed as #7, but I may be just a little prejudiced.  Labs are the best breed for me (yes, I know, not for everyone).  My labs love me unconditionally, are constantly by my side when I’m home, comfort me when I need it, act silly and funny other times, but do their “job” (hunting) when my husband takes them into the field.  Although I came late to being owned by a lab, just 15 years ago, I know I could never live without them now.  I’ve had my share of sorrow too.   I’ve lost some of my best friends over the years and the only thing that keeps me going is knowing I have other pups to care for.  They are my best buddies!  

How about you?  Are you owned by a dog?  Tell me about it

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